Me and my money

So it’s like this… my relationship with my money isn’t always a fairy tale. In fact, I think it’s a tragedy. This is why I’m always broke. Sometimes I earn a lot, sometimes I don’t. My mom keeps telling me to save for the rainy days but the little brat in me always wins whenever I go technolusting. Sad but true. I am a girl but I do not care about shopping, shoes, or clothes. I hate it when people sell me those stuffs, tag me in their Facebook photos, or bring over clothes for me to try out. I always leave the clothes buying to my mom. I trust her excellent taste and she always tries to dress me up. I guess I’m lucky that way. However, the distinct smell of Apple products, the latest gizmos & gadgets, and the upgrades always get the better of me every time. I tried to break free from all the madness earlier this year, but as soon as I drop by Engadget or Gizmondo, I become weak. It’s like kryptonite. I lose all sanity and become a slave to technology. Woe is me!

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