Monday Blues

And so today was like any other Monday, or so I thought. No work for me since it’s my rest day so I initially planned on sleeping the whole day. However, the exact opposite happened. I barely slept a wink!

I wouldn’t say it’s because Mikko has insisted that I breastfeed him the entire night, as I could easily doze off with him as soon as he shuts his eye. Unfortunately, I was wide awake until the sun rose high today. WTF! You could blame it partly on me browsing the web on the iPad and ingesting everything I could about Micro Four-Thirds. You see, when I get curious, I get really curious… (sans killing of the cat) and I learn. So it’s not all in vain. In fact, I was able to come up with a decision on what camera to buy next.

Which brings us to the beginning of Monday Blues… brought to you by my frustrations. First off, I miss taking pictures. Second, when I look in the mirror, I don’t even want to camwhore anymore. (‘coz I’m fat. blech.) And last but not the least, I’m broke. And I hate being broke this time. Why? Well, I’m running out of happy pills and with all the stress or work things that need to be done when you are raising a child, even time seems to be insufficient. I need more than 24 hours in a day. Should I move to another planet? [Trivia: Did you know that a day in Venus is not 24 hours but 5,832 hours?!? WHOA! That’s like 243 Earth days!!!]

Okay, back to my issues. So I don’t know which is worse. A) Having to cry myself to sleep. B) Having no money to spend on wants. C) Being extremely hungry with nothing to eat, mixed with not wanting to eat at all for fear of gaining weight. D) Wanting to sleep but can’t. E) All of the above. 

You might be thinking right now, “Oh puhleeasse! Those are mundane things you shouldn’t even be stressing yourself with!” But let me tell you this, “FUCK OFF! You’re not in my shoes!” But really, I am really feeling dispirited as of the moment. I just want to go on a vacation. But I can’t even afford to imagine it at the very least because I don’t have the luxury of time to daydream about it and when I do try, I get even more depressed knowing that it will never happen. Not now anyways.

So really, what is my problem? I don’t know. Just the case of the Monday Blues. Either that or I’m getting dehydrated or famished. If this were a desert, I’d be having a mirage by now. Is that an oasis I see? Or is that Liam Gallagher? Tee hee.

Anyways, maybe I should try lying down for a bit and see if I can successfully arrive in SlumberLand just in time to re-energize myself for the work week ahead. Haaiiizzz. Ang buhay… parang life.

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